I had an amazing time at the WPP Commerce Conference 2023 in Miami, which brought together top executives from TikTok, crypto platforms, Coca-Cola, Palmolive, and more to discuss social media, technology, innovation, communication, and advertising. It was a great opportunity for learning and fun in a field that is shaping the future of advertising, applied technology, and communication. I was honored to receive an invitation to such an important event.


Over three days, the conference explored the future of retail commerce and the ever-evolving intersection of commerce and technology, with discussions on future trends, insights and activation, design and experience, shopper marketing and direct-to-consumer, creativity and strategy, measurement, analysis, and more. The perspectives of WPP and industry experts provided deep and broad insights into the industry.

This was not just a series PowerPoint presentations, but open dialogue the world’s top experts to leave attendees inspired with a plan to transform their businesses. The WPP Commerce Conference is an invitation-only event, and I am grateful to have had the opportunity to attend.